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Welcome to Novus Byd!

Novus Byd is a wiki for a unique D&D 5e world setting that was created by Laurel Artemis Stuart in early 2017. Starting on January 29th, you will be able to watch her run live sessions on the Twitch channel, Pook's Place from 9 am-noon PST every Sunday. Other Novus Byd campaigns may be forthcoming in the future.

What is a D&D campaign setting?

Dungeons & Dragons is a fantasy-based role playing game originally created in 1974. The 5th edition (5e) is currently being published by Wizards of the Coast. In D&D 5e, a campaign setting is a unique fantasy world that is constructed to provide the people, places, and things that a Game Master (GM) will introduce to the player characters over the course of one or more game sessions. Some game settings, such as Forgotten Realms, have been professionally published and can be purchased and used by individual GMs. Others, like Orizon and Farland Novus Byd, are provided online by their creators and freely available to any GM who would like to use them. Novus Byd falls under this category.

Terra Coch- the Known World of Novus Byd

Novus Byd Overview

Novus Byd (nav-us beed) is the name of the material plane or world which is the core of the setting. Right now, the "Known World" consists exclusively of a small continent called Terra Coch and surrounding islands. The total land mass is roughly the size of Great Britain and Ireland- somewhere near 121,650 sq miles or 195777 kilometers. There was (or is) at least one continent. It was larger and to the south. Now called the Shattered Lands or Lost Continent, it was destroyed in a magic-created cataclysm just over a millennia ago.

According to generally understood history, the Established Era began in 1 EE with the occupation of southwest Terra Coch by a fleet of demon-blooded refugees from the Shattered Lands. The Tiberian Fleet brought Cambion magic-users (and Tieflings who served them) as an occupying force that quickly conquered native races in western Terra Coch. Their magic and technology far exceeded anything possessed by the native races but the first era of pure conquest was rapidly replaced with cultural assimilation between the conquerors and the conquered.

Historical events led to the formation of 13 distinct nations forming the Known World. The predominant race on the mainland is human but all of the races and classes listed in the 5e Player's Handbook can be encountered somewhere in Terra Coch with setting-based distinctions noted in this wiki.

Campaign Setting Details

Player-Based Setting-Based GM-Based
Races Current Nations Extended History
Classes Lexicon Cosmology
Religions Calendar Societies & Organizations
Magic Currency Aether Flux
Skills Bestiary Steampunk Technology
Backgrounds Historical Timeline NPCs
Transportation Nomenclature Plot Hooks